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meja rias cantikWhy Spain?

Are you in search for the best, the perfect holiday destination? Well, search no more, because the answer is simple: Spain. It is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe and in the entire world. Its regions are similar, but still have something distinctive from each other, making them unique. The northwest of Spain is one of the most visited regions thanks to its beauty. This part of the country will delight you with Galicia, La Coruna, Saint Jacob's Road, Santiago de Compostela (one of the most famous pilgrimage cities in the world, the one that attracts millions of tourists from all corners of the Globe), Costa Verde, Pontevedra, and, last but not least, Rias Baixas.

Everything about Rias Baixas

The long arms of the Galician coast resembling fiords are known as "rias". The ones between Noia and Vigo are known as Rias Baixas, the lower ones, in order to be distinguished from the Rias Altas. Situated on the more exposed northern coast and curved towards A Caruna, the Rias Baixas represent the preferred seaside region of the tourists of Galicia.

Sightseeing in Rias Baixas

The Romano-Celtic fortified villages (castras), and the dolmens (prehistoric graves), the silos (horreos), the mansions (pazos), and the churches built in Romanesque style can be seen here at every step. Some places are over appreciated, such as Arousa Island despite its Bird Reservation. As a tourist, you should rather head towards the enchanting city of Cambadas. Pazo de Fefinanes dominates the main 16th century square. It is a majestic example of a Renaissance Palace decorated with stone busts and heraldic arms that represent the departure point for the arched bridge that leads to the San Sandurnino Tower. Over the square, the San Benedict Church rises. The vineyards around the city produce the Albarino white wine, slightly fruited and sparkling. You can also visit the traditional wine basements that are numerous in this area. Baiona is also a city in the Rias Baixas, the most southern one, having fortified walls pertaining to Castelo de Monte Real. It is the place where the citizens used to shelter from p

irate attacks. Doesn't it sound entertaining?

You will definitely have many things to learn if you visit this region, things regarding the history, the tradition and the cultural background of this wonderful country that is Spain. Enjoy your holiday!

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